The only slovak educational project that has proven itself abroad and will be organized by other states of Europe.

Project SuperTrieda  is the only artistic-and-educational project from the states of middle Europe that has gotten into european selection of „Good Practice Model of European Educational Network“ and , via publication of the same name, been put into notice of all the states of European Union.

Reasons of project `s success:

  • noncommercial, of high quality, attractive for children
  • effective way of fighting against bullying on schools succesfully provokes the Roma population into action
  • teachs children tolerance and increases their culture expands their creativity.

SuperTrieda has become a slovak representative in European Year of Creativity and Innovation, organised by the European Committee.

SuperTrieda is an official project of the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic – that means it is a part of official curriculum of primary schools and it is being realized as a part of art and music lessons. Project is voluntary, but children express mass interest in taking an active part in it. SuperTrieda is annually offered to all the primary and secondary schools in Slovakia and so far 15 200 children have participated, along with their teachers. SuperTrieda effectively activates the population, as not only kids and teachers take part in it, but also the parents, churches, cities` majors.

The aim of Project Supertrieda is to :

  • Increase the cultural level of children, teach them to feel, think, create and be happy with life
  • let all the childen in Slovakia get a chance to find themselves, their skillfullness, to find a talent in every child
  • improve the relationships in children communities, to prevent chicane and motivate kids to be active and cooperate with the teacher
  • increase the credit of art studies at schools, make subjects music class, art class, physical education, slovak language and informatics more interesting
  • support and further develop creativity kreativitu of children , their abbilities and presentation skills

According to statistics only 4 % of children in Slovakia are so-called talents. These are repeatedly being sent to all the championships and competitions to represent their school, community or hobby group. They recieve help in order to develop their qualities

In accordance with idea „all the kids are ours“ Project Supertrieda attempts to support also other 96 % of children  and prove that every child is gifted in some area and has a right to get a chance to prove this, to express itself and a right to try something new, work on developing its abilities, gain new experience and form an oppinion. Every child has a right to more cultural life.

Guarantee of the project – Ministry of Education SR.

Partners of the project – European Committee in Slovakia

Administrator of the project–Civil Association SuperTrieda

Project supported by VÚB Foundation

Pupils of primary schools work with their class during the whole year  – they paint, create sceneries, costumes, write scripts, compose music, sing, dance. shoot videos, etc. The result is a drama performance and a videoclip.

The finale of the project (and year-long work of teachers and children) will be  competitive festivals  in Nitra, Košice, Prešov, Bratislava, Banska Bystrica and Martin at the end of the school year and state finale with  Galaprograme of winners and guests of SuperTrieda. For the category Videoclip the finale will be online in May on  www.supertrieda.sk after state-wide internet voting for Spetator Prize.

Highschool students will present authorised performance that consist of at least two different types of art (painted, musical, dramatic, cinematographic, literary) with a possibility of using multimedia or videoclip on themes from UNICEF about Millenium Development Aims.

Via creative activities project  integrates individuals from different social, race and religious groups and classes.  It froms childrens character the most natural way – through work, creativity and fantasy. As every child from a class has to participate, project helps tighten class collective and it has been proved as improving relationships between kids and as chicane prevention.

Kids create together, laugh together, stimulate each other, fight together and experience common  succes. They fight for the title SuperTrieda.

Profesional garants and members of SuperTrieda Committee :

Prof.Belo Felix,PhD. – UMB

Doc.Mgr.art Irena Medňanská,PhD. – PU

Mgr.Silvester Lavrík

PhDr.Albín Škoviera,PhD. – PFUK

Mgr. Katarína Burgrová, PhD. – FFPU

Mgr.art Blanka Cepková – VŠVU

Jana Pilátová

Mgr.art Marián Minárik – FMK UCM

PaedDr.Roman Baranovič –Microsoft IT Academy

Rudolf Geri – Teátro Wustenrot

Ondrej Spišák – Staré divadlo Nitra

Marián Marko – Divadlo Alexandra Duchnoviča

SuperTrieda is a giant scale project, it is very difficult to organize and many different peopleparticipate on it. Professional level and methodical contents are taken care of by profesionals, garants, teachers and also children themselves. Based on their suggestions the project constantly evolves. All these are responsible for the project having international credit and public acceptance among experts and laics likewise.

We want to thank all the participants for their support.

Mgr.Martina Bodnárová a Mgr.Ľuboš Zaťko

coordinators of the project


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